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Are you ready?

Contingency planning aims to prepare individuals and organizations to respond to an emergency and its potential impacts.

News releases and shout-out

Are today's backbone of an efficient communication strategy and SEO development.

Social media presence and management

Social media are here to stay, your small business, association, membership club or company needs to join the conversation and be involved.

Customer Relationship Management

Are you capturing and managing your customers’ information easily and efficiently on your computer system and across different platforms?

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TSH launches

We are pleased to announce the recent launch of A website dedicated to the sale of pre-owned sailboats and particularly one-design dinghies and keelboats as well as Metre Class or Rating Class (RC) yachts.
I’ve been sailing and involved in […]

What Would We Do If the Internet Crashed?

In 1982, the Internet was a safe place where everyone trusted each other. The community was so small that every email address on the web could fit into one skinny “phone book” written in big font. If you made that […]


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